Great day at The Vic

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      Hey Guys,

      I've decided to try and post more on the PS forums and I thought it would be fun to recount one huge night I had at the Grovesnor Victoria casino aka The Vic. It was a few months ago when I'd just come back to university early. I had one buy in (£100) which I was prepared to spend that night aside from a return bus ticked to Oxford my wallet was empty after going to the cashier. I sat down at a 1/1 table at around 11PM. Most of the players seemed to know one another and generally were old nut merchants, often folding JJ to a 3 bet and 4 bet shoving AA. I got in some good spots and at around 4AM had £500 when the table broke up. even though it was a soft table I was glad to leave as one of the old guys was in a deep hole and seemed to think venemous table talk would help dig him out. When they broke the table up i asked to move to 1/2 and bought in for the maximum of £400, it was here I encountered the perfect storm of slightly drunk super loose very stuck players (who were a lot more fun than the bunch I'd left behind). Over the next few hours I won around £1100 pounds just by having the deck hit me in the face and being in some nice spots. At around 9AM the game showed no sign of stopping (breakfasts were ordered) but I felt like death, not having slept in over 24 hours (weak I know). Although I felt I should have maybe stayed a bit longer as I'd won a big pot only around 30 mins before I really didn't think I could continue to play with any semblance of coherence. I stood up and cashed out £1470 after tipping the dealer. This gave me an hourly rate of about £140, not bad for a poor student.

      what followed was probably the most fun fortnight of my life, where I ran through the lot. Worth it.
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