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WH glitch--I think

    • brobz
      Joined: 22.03.2011 Posts: 575
      Im playing a $1 SNG, and with about 5 ppl left or so I get AKs BB with one MP raiser

      i re pop it n buddy calls--I flop an A high Str8 rainbow

      I c bet, opponent calls turn comes A, I check he checks then a river of 8 flushes on board
      right away im hoping he checks to me as my stack is lower than his and im sure he'll call me hoping he has a JA QA type of hand, so if he checks and i shove im sure he'll call bcuz of odds unless of course he really puts me on AK which is the only hand that can beat him

      he checks(YES) then AS SOON AS THE LIGHT COMES TO ME(i have a setting set on iPoker where theres a spot light on the persons turn) IT AUTO CHECKS ME RIGHT AWAY BEFORE I TOUCH THE MOUSE

      the irony of all this is that me and the mentioned opponent end up going HU n he beats me because im arguing with customer service about this

      there basicaly calling me a liar and after a bit just end up ignoring me...I thought it was kind of funny Im not complaining here(Im a little drunk sorry if it seems that way) but I mean what if that was a higher stake...

      I find out after the hand the 8 he rivered made him two pair so who knows he may have called a shove in that stage of the SNG n I would have won, but WH didnt want no parts of that

      any1 ever experience anything like this?

      sorry 4 the rant had to get it out, now its time 4 Kush

      edit: if this is hard 2 read my bad like i said little drunk lol
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    • thazar
      Joined: 14.09.2009 Posts: 6,561
      Hi Brobz

      that sucks. It is not sure that he would have called your river bet as any Kx will be the nutz. But even if he would have, there are reasons why you could have been checked behind.

      you could have been disconnected for a few seconds; if you have a laptop and are using the inbuilt mouse pad you could have tapped it by mistake and checked while hovering over it; It might also be the slight alcohol intoxication that caused the error. In any case treat it as a bad beat and leave it behind you. Not much you can do about it now just play your a game and get that BI back.


    • DustyMonk
      Joined: 01.10.2010 Posts: 62
      I've quite a few pots on WH due to disconnects. This is due to my wifi connection.

      If you don't like it withdraw what you can and move to another room (Not on the ipoker nework as they all use the same software).