Cool this site is just what I needed.

1) I read every article, everyone I could that is, even the first pages of the bronze ones:( .

2) I tried out the ICM trainers,

3) I watched every video I could:( .

4) I kept the starting list in front of me and played with the SSS.

5) I entered 3 free role tourneys to try out the new poker knowledge

6) I placed in the cash in all 3 tourneys 10th,20th,23rd 4000+ entry's.

* I made 1 bad move in one of the tourneys to get knocked out. Too small of a pre flop raise. It was 20k blinds and I only raised it to 80K with 10-10 on the button. He had A2 if i went all in pre flop with 250K he would have folded and would not have seen the A2 flop. Then I was really dumb and went all in after the flop he called. My play would have worked but he was big stack my 80k didnt scare him. He still made a bad call with the A2 but then I just gave the rest of my chips to him. :)

* Good job PS your site ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

* now its time for .50, and 1.00$ tourneys :)

* CardBender420 <-------- "waiting for cashola to clear and its on" :)