MSS: AK facing raise+call from SB/BB, go all-in?

    • datalogg
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      I have AK and I am at the blinds. There has been a raise from MPx to 4bb and a call from CO/BU. Lets say the players are both 20/10 (VPIP/PFR).
      According to MSS I should raise to 16bb (usually 40-45% of my stack).

      If I raise and get called from one of them the pot would be 36bb. If I don't hit the flop (70% or more if the other players have As or Ks), my c-bet would have to be all-in (can't bet 18bb with 24bb left in total).
      If I get called from both and don't hit the flop, it would be very difficult to play OOP. I think most times I won't make it even to the turn.
      Finally if I hit the flop, my value bet will also have to be an all-in.

      So why not go all-in at once and put half of your stack, when most times you will put it all at the flop?
      You may lose some value from players who would call the 3bet but not the all-in in case you hit the flop or you both miss and take the pot with a c-bet. But what if you miss the flop and the other player hits? You will again lose it all with the c-bet. Or when both call and you miss the flop.

      I think the same applies to JJ, QQ (even KK), when you don't want to see overcards in the flop. With AA you are more confident and 3beting may get more value as you don't scare your oponents to much and keep them in the pot more often.

      So these were my thoughts about this situation. I played it with all-in the last few times it happend, but I am not sure if I lose significant value here. However, it seems much easier.

      Any comments are welcome! :)
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    • random3
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      You are correct. I think there are 2 good options, either 3bet smaller,12bb and play it safer, with A or K on a flop, or maybe flushdraw or gutshot+overs etc. Or go directly allin preflop to maximize your folding equity.

      But remember, with playing AK aggresivelly preflop, you will increase the variance, as you will be in only a 50% favorite or worst most of the times when called.