Multiple Accounts(Nicknames) - Right or Wrong?

    • Tevezwest
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      Everyone knows this has been going on since the start of online poker but my Question is Right or Wrong?

      And whats the policies of the sites involved?

      If you check out 888 at the moment with there webcam tables I've seen one guy have at least 4 different nicks. The thing is I don't think he thinks he is doing anything wrong but that begs the question Is he doing anything wrong? By the way he shows his face as well :D

      by the way ignore the bronze status I'm not being tracked at the moment. Not theres anything wrong with being bronze ;)
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    • thazar
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      Hi Tevezwest

      It is wrong and if found out the poker rooms normally close all accounts and more often than not confiscate funds. The reason for that is that multi-accounting opens the doors for colluding. You theoretically log on 2 accounts at the same tables and help yourself (each other) that way, That's cheating and multi-accounting is therefore often highly frowned upon by the online poker rooms.


    • GraveGoods
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      Isn't multi accounting fine on 888?

      And Cake let you change usernames weekly I think.
    • IngridN
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      Originally posted by GraveGoods
      Isn't multi accounting fine on 888?

      And Cake let you change usernames weekly I think.
      Hi GraveGoods,

      No, as we stated in previous posts. Multiaccounting at any platform would be against Terms and Conditions and strictly forbidden. If the poker room finds out, your funds could be seized and your account closed permanently.

      Regarding Cake Poker, please contact the poker room and ask as I wouldn't know this unfortunately.


      ps: don't do anything foolish guys.
    • ArkhamAsylum
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      sees gravegoods burning evidence

      :f_eek: :s_o: :f_mad:
    • GraveGoods
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      I just remember reading the 888 thing on the 2+2 thread about dooshcom.

      ^^ "players can change their nickname once a week."
    • AngelaRey
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      I know, it should not be this way because there might be some collusion that would cause other to cheat and win.
    • IhasLuck
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      Yup, poker rooms must not allow multi-accounting, because then it would be way too hard to monitor the coliders. And that's just unfair..
    • ilrasso
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      Right and wrong is hard to apply to poker. Normally we reduce it to allowed or not allowed in the terms and conditions.

      The problem with multiple accounts is mainly bonusses and affiliates. If u can just open a new account after clearing bonus, the bonus would be infinite. Same goes with the free 8$ at 888 or the free 50 from pokerstrategy.

      In terms of collusion i think its sufficiently easy to use someone elses identity as the second account and so the 1 account per person is of little matter here.

      I made the mistake of taking the second free 50$ offer on stars, forgetting i had a very old account there. They found out after a few days, and closed my new account and i did not get the "free 50" refunded back to original account. Reasonable imo.

      Hope this helps