how long brake after a big win?

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      Well, in the start of this month i started out playin @ partypoker with a deposit of 50$. Played a little little 2nl at first, then started out on some few MTT's.

      I got down to about 40$. Then i took a stupid shot @ a 11$ mtt, and actually came out as nr2, after huge underdog @ finaltable.

      After that i took a break for about 3 days.
      My br was then about 330$

      When i came back and took another shot @ a mtt again. That game game i was even more focused than ever, and when we were down to 18, i started to tilt?? I think because i realized that with my br so high @ that point, i would have so many more shot. And then i finished as nr14 with money to 13 and up. I remember a actually started dreaming about everything neat sweat :D and i could get as much as i wanted because i was so solid in theese mtt's

      I think that maybe beacuse i did break my rule, i then started playin 22$ mtts and down, until i woke up, and my br was down to 20$

      Then here is my question: Was my break too short, or too long, or should i not had taken a break?

      The reason i ask u guys, is because i've actually had a similar episode about a year ago.

      Back then i played insane much @ full tilt, with no actual brm.
      I remember i had 160$ left on my ftp acc, when i took a shot @ a 100$ mtt. I know that was a insane aproach on my br. But i actually won that mtt, 1. place 5990$
      Right after that, i threw 1k$ away in 5 min, on 2 500$ superturbo 6mans sitngos.
      After that i cashed everything out and payed my car insurance :D

      So the reason i took the break on 3 days is because i didnt want something like that to happen again, however i feel i took a too long break back then. Especially because i had an insane run on 3 weeks. 3 weeks before i won the 32.5k gtd, i played on betsafe. 1 day: 2. out of 562. Stopped playing. Same day a week later: 1. out of 1045. Then the day after. 1 out of 569. 6 days later: 2 out of xxx (cant remember).
      And it was the day after, when i woke up, i sat in my chair, and took a shot on fulltilt instead. were i won as mentioned above.

      The reason im asking is because i would very much like to get that mindset back. Because back then, there were no tryin, only "i will easy win this" every time.
      Nowadays, i think "well, i just won so much, i can easely apply extra pressure, because i can just start a new one, i dont get lucky. And that led to my trying so many times my roll whent all the way to the bottom.

      How long breaks do u take, if u take any, and why?
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