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    • ilovemagic
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      rule no. 1 for beginners i failed to heed. never put more then 2 percent of bankroll on table. anyways. in the first game, 10 handed i lost to AK all in against my pocket aces on the river. we were all in by the turn. lost over 10 percent of my bankroll. in the second hand on another table, my pocket kings were able to go all in vs a player who had just flopped top pair (queens). he turned the second pair and i lost another 15 percent of my this point i was steaming and proceeded to lose 55 percent of my bankroll in 2 hrs which i had to work extra dilligently just to get. now i am wondering one do i handle myself when i get a super bad beat ?? am i just supposed to quit for the night and come back later when i know im not going to play stupid and lose even more??? my answer would be yes.. feedback would be nice..
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    • keoghh
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      Whenever i get a very bad beat i usually shut all tables immediately to stop me spewing money away (CGs), then go do something else for an hour or so, or go out, or make some food. Then come back after an hour or so after you are re-composed. Hope this helped :)
    • thazar
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      Hi Ilovemagic

      Playing a small portion of your bankroll is indeed very important. That is why why all our article sections start by an article about BRM.

      You also need to work on handling tilt. It is something you have to through like most of us and a lot of us still have to. Getting Aces and kings beat in the space of the few hands is neither the worse that will happen nor the last time that it will happen. It is part of poker and that's also what make the fish stay.

      All that should concern you is putting your money on the table at the right time. If you keep doing that you make money in the long run. But in order to have a long run you need to have enough BR left... hence the importance of BRM.

      Best regards and good luck at the tables

    • theyungstar
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      Whenever I take a bad beat, I close my eyes and say to myself "Don't be stupid, you did what you could" and it usually helps me from tilting.
    • deezer79
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      Can't stand beats either but it makes it so much worse when you're playing for money which really matters to your bankroll. Take a step down in stakes and step away when you're playing mad.
    • roopopper
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      Originally posted by deezer79
      Can't stand beats either but it makes it so much worse when you're playing for money which really matters to your bankroll. Take a step down in stakes and step away when you're playing mad.
      +1 :)
    • SnakeDoctor44
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      Or if you made the correct call and your opponent sucked out just think that the next 100 times you are in that situation you will make an overall profit.
    • ii40747
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      I'm usually lately quite happy to get bad beats cause I know I played the hand in a best possible way! And usually eager to analyize the line I took so I can repeat the whole thing next time I'm against the same guy. Since I play a lot lately it usually always work out for me if that opp is around long enough. But if that bad beat would be for 25% of my bankroll then I dont know how I would react!
      So it's not bad beat that frustrated you, the problem was you were out of your comfort zone!
    • UnknownJoseph
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      I have the best friend, he helps me a lot. He shows me how not to manage my bankroll.
      He starts from NL10 or something like this after few bad beats=>>NL25, next bad beat=>>NL50, next bad beat=>>NL100=>>NL200=>>NL400=>>NL1000!!!
      I'm serious... 2 days and -$2000 because he can't handle with tilt and he can't stand losing session
    • UnknownJoseph
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      Today, the same friend called to me with news. He lost -$3.500 in one single night.
      He lost almost whole bankroll. He started from NL20, after few bad beat changed limit and he was on NL400. He reached NL1000 and added that he wanted to play NL2000 but there weren't any tables. I'm sad because of him but not much I can do.
    • VladimirLaki
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      Main thing is BR management everyone has downswings and bad beats and other bad "luck" what i do when i get bad beat i just take a break and say to myself next time will be much better ^^
    • Justin37
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      i told my poker group, u lost 3 times in row your buy in, STOP playing for that day! Beginner hard to handle bad beat n tilting.