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Hi all

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      This is reminds me one of those speed awareness meetings i had to attend..but here we go...

      Hi everybody, my name is Ged, i am a :f_confused: and i am addicted.. :D . Friend of mine tought me the rules a couple of years ago, and now i curse that day...:D (coz it costed me around $900 so far), but the problem is, i do not want to find a cure for this condition...except of that for my wallet...:D .

      Any advice for a novice is much appreciated

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    • IngridN
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      Originally posted by subscriber
      This is reminds me one of those speed awareness meetings i had to attend
      exactly ^^ :D :D but to make it easier for you, I tell you a secret!

      we're addicted too :coolface: so welcome to the community!

      Where you from and at which poker room are you spewinning your moniez?

      Got the free $50, passed the quiz and ready to print those $$$?

      so now zillion questions will follow:

      - what limits do you play?
      - what game type?
      - do you know already know your leaks?
      - which article are you reading atm?

      Looking forward
    • subscriber
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      Play from Uk. Majority of my finnancial support goes to PS, but also play on UB (still tryn' to get to UniBet open- but never got past 2nd stage of freeroll qualifier- imho if you good to get trough 3 stages of freeroll kamikaze, you good to play in live tourney..:D ), BWin and 888- needed new account to put 50quid from pokerstrategy :D D. oh and FTP (RIP)- that is where it all started..still owes me 20quid..baxxxrds...
      Play NLHE microlimits MTT , did win couple, cashed a few SnG totaling to probably $120 over two years, but never took it seriously- that is probably where my biggest problem was- normaly sit down to play after a few beers- OK, i know its A NOW-NOW. now decided game, might as well make it pay for it self and a little bit extra, pls...:D D

      Sorry got in to my life story... anyway need to start somewhere, from scratch.
    • pleno1
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      You seem to love poker from a different stance to everybody else which is FINE"

      Not everybody has to be a superduper pro beating the high stakes, some people like it as a fun social activity that they do after a few beers or to unwind after work will cost £100+, playing 2nl and a few cheap tournaments with some beers from tesco will cost you $20.

      Having poker as a fun hobby that you enjoy AND EVEN WIN SOMETIMES! is great imo. Just know your boundries and if you need to just set yourself limits (you can contact support for this) so that you don't go on hyper monkey tilt after the 4th beer and 10000th bad beat.

      Gradually as you start reading and learning our articles you can get better and better and perhaps take part in some coachign sessions which are really alot of fun :)
    • bringmecards
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      best of luck at the tables and welcome