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      My name is Peter. I play SH NL poker for 4 years only on micro limits. I already watched many videos form pokerstrategy DC, CR, LeggoPoker. Read many many many article in 2+2 Forum and Read a lot PokerBooks. My favorite i Professional No Limit holdem Volume 1., Easy Game vol. 1 and Small Stakes By Ed miller. So I have massive knowledge how to play SH.

      There I start my question that with this knowledge which I learned I should playing Nano and Microlimits or better to use this on NL50+, Because everybody say that I should evolve My knowledge and learn more and more. I think knowingd to much is mistake on Microlimits, beacuse of player which we have to play (They dont think).

      So I really like Baluga Whale thought process and Ed miller REM, but this could't be use whit profits on Nano and Microlimits till Nl 50. I Really try to think about Ranges and Agression and what all this points mean on Flop and Turn, but is hard because somebody will x/c 3 ATW with 2 Pairs od WET board and my TPTK goin to fall.

      SO this is my Idea how to beat microlimits. Playing Fit or Fold style like weak Tight Player oalmost NIT and on NL 50 Use All my Knowledge. Is this Ok Thinking?

      Need Advice, 4 Years palying Microlimits almost destroy me. No Cash for Private Coaching. Help ME :O
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    • 18071987
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      Probably you do that somewhere, but still will ask - do you post hands in the evaluation forums? I did search in english and poland forums and I didn't see that much of hand posts.
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      Hey , sorry for my bad english but no one is perfect ;)

      I would advice you play clear abc up to nl25. Reallt from nl50 people start to understand what 3 barreling means etc they know that they have to fold. Against bad player / fishes it's easy straight forward and with reads hero calls ;) Do a lot notes for players. Reason why you cannot beat micros can be bad room where you have 5 nity old mans and donky player ;)

      PS: Could you post your statistics here from HM and graph ? It's good start I guess ;)
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      i can advise you a coach .. I know that you wrote that you are not in a good period with money but a coach can also be cheap also 30$ for me it helps a lot :=) )) let us know :=) )