Bankroll building 1$ 30man SNG - Helped needed on hands.

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      HALLO! :)

      I made first deposit 50$ on Betfair, my plan here is to build a soild bankroll with the First deposit bonus!

      i will be playing 6 tables $1 dollar 30players SNG to start with, i will also ask for further help about some hands, here on PokerStrategy so the Pros can help me out! :)

      First question is when playing SNG's i should use the 50BM, right?

      First Hand i could use some good eyes on.

      ***** History for hand T5-178523844-19 (TOURNAMENT: "NL Hold'em - 30 Players", S-3310-20880, buy-in: $1.20) *****
      Start hand: Sun Sep 25 20:26:51 CEST 2011
      Table: Table #1 [178523844] (NO_LIMIT TEXAS_HOLDEM 25/50, Chips)
      User: _HoldemFreak
      Button: seat 5
      Dealing pocket cards
      Dealing to _HoldemFreak: [9s, Qs]
      mokai219 folds
      Muffian1 raises 150 to 150
      Lucasmalukas folds
      Zverg folds
      _HoldemFreak raises 1050 to 1050 [all in]
      tommygun777_ folds
      x_alf2010 folds
      kyryska90 folds
      spark2020 folds
      ALEX26russs folds
      Muffian1 calls 900 shows [As, Kc]
      --- Dealing flop [Qh, Ah, 6c]
      --- Dealing turn [9d]
      --- Dealing river [5s]
      Main pot: 2175 won by _HoldemFreak (2175)
      Rake taken: $0
      Seat 1: Zverg (5060)
      Seat 2: _HoldemFreak (2175), net: +1125, [9s, Qs] (TWO_PAIR QUEEN, NINE)

      So blinds is about to go up, in my mind Q9s is still to loss, but since he has been very aggressive on this table i call him. though he pick up a hand this time. but lucky i turn 2 pair. should i just fold here and wait for a better spot? whats your opinion?

      Any help about how to post hands good through Holdem Manage would also be helpful
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