50$--->10k$ in 1month propbet vs me

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      hey all,

      coz of my rising contact w lower/microstakes plrs (besides my love coaching also some RL friends i taught poker mostly for fun) and my desperately competitive character am debating taking on the classic 50$-10k$ challenge that many microstakes plrs start with.

      Those who didnt hear my story yet, i am 1 of the fortunate ones who started off w the pokerstrategy's 50$ and turned em to everything without ever depositing anything from outside of poker bankroll. This was however 3years ago, so my goal would be to show NL poker is still easily beatable and that from virtually nothing, anything is possible when u gring a lot and play good.

      I think, i can make 50$--->10k$ in 1 single month and on 1 single platform. Most prolly this is going to be partypoker and i ll reveal my nick and try to contact partypoker support if they can verify the results in case anyone needs this and wouldnt believe my graphs which i would post prolly once every 3-4days.

      Still, it s a bit boring for me to grind my way up from the rock botttom NL2, so i need some extra sidebet motivation for this. Since, the prestige and personal challenge is more important to me than the actual $, i ll give the odds are almost hilariously +EV for the betters against me. I offer 5:1 for me, i want to bet up to 10-15k$ of my own money on this vs 50k-75k of others. Srsly, if anyone else from my friends attempted this for the odds, i d snap bet ~5k against (and if anyone is intersted in some dualtype of challenge let me know- maybe i bet even more), i know how much good variance this needs + its virtually impossible to talbeselect well while playing just 1 platform, since i ll have to play heavy multitabling on esp micros if i want to move up the lims quick enough to stand any chance. Rakeback in the challenge is not counted! So i have to beat the micros drastically.

      Let me know who is interested to buy how much action, note: this is just finidng out of a preliminary interest, the actual betting will start once i know its worth preparing myself mentally for this.
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