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First few steps

    • EnsignCoop
      Joined: 28.07.2011 Posts: 1
      Started playing poker at beginning of August for a bit fun.
      really enjoying it so started playing a lot more
      never put money in as I still play off the $50 from the quiz (Thanks Pokerstrategy by the way).
      Started playing $1 SnG about week ago.
      not doing to bad profit fluctuates +/- $3 around $40 left in BR.

      My problem is the ludicrous hands that are played and winning the pots.
      few days ago Played J2s three times on same table won every time.
      I try to stick to the starting hand table but always play things like KJs,KQo etc.

      Because such bad hands are being played I sometimes think I'll get way with hands like these.

      I Know I shouldn't play stuff like this but most of the time will get to bubble and be bullied out by bigger stacks.

      Any advice would be heaven sent.
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      Joined: 27.09.2009 Posts: 22,027
      Hey EnsignCoop,

      I've moved your thread to its relevant section :)

      In my opinion, whilst you are beginning it is wise to stick to the SHC and to not deviate away from it as much.

      Once you've progressed some more in your career you can then change things up a little, but you'd never more playing experiences.

      Tight Aggressive Poker wins the day so stick to the plan and in the long run you will reap the rewards,

    • purplefizz
      Joined: 12.03.2008 Posts: 4,508
      hi EnsignCoop,

      congrats on having the discipline to stick to brm. i'm not surprised your starting capital hasnt run out on you yet. :) this is a nice little achievement in itself. when i started out, i was breakeven for a long time. rake at the micros is a bit hard to beat. hmm let me think of what things helped me progress in my game.

      well first, have you read any articles aside from looking at the SHC? i would recommend the one about different types of opponents. you can try to make adjustments on the chart if you have a good read on your opponents already.

      also, posting hands in the evaluation forum helped me a great deal, as well as just being around this community a lot. when i was able to do more decent volume, clearing bonuses helped me beat the rake and build my initial bankroll. there are plenty of rooms here to pick from. :)

      let us know how you get on!

    • pzhon
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 1,151
      Many casual players try limping in with suited trash. It's just 1 big blind when you might win a huge amount, say 50 bb if you hit the flop hard and get paid off. However, it is still a bad gamble. The many times that you lose 1 bb, or hit two pair and lose a huge pot to a straight, set, flush, or higher two pair, are more important than the times you hit the jackpot. Since limping with trash is a gamble, it will sometimes work, but since it is a bad gamble it gives up some money on average to the other players in the tournament. On average, when your opponents are limping with trash, you benefit.

      Be careful to distinguish the times when it is terrible to play J2s from the times when it is correct and even clearly profitable. In the push/fold phase of the game, there are times when you should be pushing even weaker hands than J2s. Some players get stuck on the early-game hand evaluations and that means you can run them over in the late game. Sometimes you get great odds and can correctly call all-in or call a short stack's push. Also, even in the early game, some players defend the blinds so infrequently that you can correctly raise their blinds with J2s or even weaker hands, and having the button is a significant advantage when the stacks are deeper so that you might profitably raise J2s there. Raising is quite different from limping. So, don't assume that it's wrong to play J2s. Know the right times to play trash and how to do it.
    • twinny90
      Joined: 02.11.2008 Posts: 9
      keep playing at these stakes until you get a general feel for the game.In my opinion i would deposit a little extra into your account to allow you to play a little higher stakes! playing in 1$ games in my opinion will never improve your play because the players are so poor!.....Yes learning the basics at these stakes are fine,but like you said your bankroll is going to hover around the even mark for a while.So learn and earn what you can from these games but dont stick to them expecting a constant profit one day!...... because it probably wont happen!

      Your more likey just going to get yourself really fustrated,getting sick and tired of loose/passive fish getting lucky against you!

      let me know what you think of my reply and if its helped in anyway!