[NL2-NL10] AQ, river straight to one card

    • Janosikgdy
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      NL Holdem $0.02(BB) Replayer
      SB ($3.38)
      BB ($1.18)
      UTG ($0.92)
      UTG+1 ($4.19)
      Hero ($2.15)
      BTN ($2)

      Dealt to Hero A:spade: Q:heart:

      fold, fold, Hero raises to $0.06, fold, fold, BB calls $0.04

      FLOP ($0.13) 6:club: T:heart: 8:heart:

      BB checks, Hero checks

      TURN ($0.13) 6:club: T:heart: 8:heart: 9:diamond:

      BB checks, Hero checks

      RIVER ($0.13) 6:club: T:heart: 8:heart: 9:diamond: J:club:

      [color=red]BB bets $0.08, Hero raises to $2.09 (AI), BB ?

      V:16/14 af 2.4/fcbet 50
      wtsd 24
      2w$sd 44.

      Flop, I don't like to cbet, this board is well cordinated and he doesn't fold a lot to cbets.

      River I got runner Straight. I am beat only by KQ.

      I decided to shove, , because it looks weaker then pot raise. Probably most of the time his calling range is Q, however I hopes sometimes he puts me on missed fd and call more ligthly with two pairs.

      Does my river shove is reaonable, or better just call?

      I don't like to pot raise because, line bet/3bet shove on river is more dangerous for me than donk/call shove from his side.
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    • veriz
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      Hello Janosikgdy,

      Well, I guess you could still even CBet here with definitely having fold equity. Plus of course a lot of backdoors for FD/SD and even overcards. Also of course you might even do the bet for value vs draws with A high. :) We just avoid him betting with worse on turn. Although if you expect him rather not to bet the turn without made hand then your play is totally fine.

      Also I would rather ship the river myself as well. If he is going to Call a normal raise then he is most likely going to Call the shove as well. He doesn't have much left anyways. If he had a full stack then I wouldn't shove.

      Just calling doesn't make sense while he guy may still even pay with worse straights/2pairs/sets or whatever slowplayed hands. But of course against some reasonable players I might just make a normal raise to get called by those hands, although while I expect them to be loose enough then shipping should be fine.

      Best regards.