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I have 6months to beat the micros!!

    • CrazyNutts
      Joined: 04.07.2011 Posts: 15
      Hello everyone. I am from Romania and i am 20years old. As the title says i have 6 months to beat the micros,it's a challange for me .I started to play poker 2years ago i played NL SH cash,FR cash,STT,MTT,HU but never been serios.I have played from nl2 to nl50. I played some live poker too where i was break even at nl100 but we all know that live is way fishier than online.
      I consider than i have an edge on micros and i must beat them in 6months of being serios,because if i don't i will make the transition to PLO probably.
      So i start by playing 10NL SH BSS with only 200$ (you would say it is a very agressive BRM but i think i have enough experience and it's time to beat this limits). If i go under 170$ i will play 4nl since i am playing on Party Poker ,and when i will be 200$ again i will play 10nl.
      I will play 4-6 tables,i want to improve not to be a grinder. I will play an average of 3hours/day probably 80hours/month. I consider that i am motivated enough right now,i have watched lots of videos(it's true that most of them were on small stakes not on micros).I want to update this blog very often and i hope i will get the advices that i would need to improve. I am using HM so i would post hands too. That is all for now,thanks for reading this.:)
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    • wnbMG
      Joined: 10.04.2011 Posts: 586
      I agree with your BRM ;)
    • CrazyNutts
      Joined: 04.07.2011 Posts: 15
      Today i played 900hands i ended up +5$,but it was a big hand that i lost and i want to post it here.
      The villan was a fish with stats 40/17,and i thought he had AJ,KJ.

      SB: $10.20
      BB: $10.77
      Hero (UTG): $10.39
      MP: $10.22
      CO: $11.51
      BTN: $10.00

      Pre Flop: ($0.15) Hero is UTG with 8 :club: 8 :spade:
      Hero raises to $0.30, 1 fold, CO calls $0.30, 3 folds

      Flop: ($0.75) 8 :heart: 3 :heart: J :heart: (2 players)
      Hero bets $0.54, CO calls $0.54

      Turn: ($1.83) K :diamond: (2 players)
      Hero bets $1.30, CO raises to $2.60, Hero calls $1.30

      River: ($7.03) T :club: (2 players)
      Hero checks, CO bets $2.90, Hero calls $2.90