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The insanity of it all

    • SheisGrinding
      Joined: 27.09.2011 Posts: 2
      She wakes deleriously flicks the switch to the kettle, opens the door to make sure the world is still turning, steps back in, make coffee the PC. Turn on, double click to poker stars and the day begins!

      2 tabling ten cent games and by the time 3 hours is up, we are .70 cents up and we think food is a good idea, needed to sustain the next 3 tournaments registered in and the next five hours ahead.

      9 hours later, nearly blinded by the tables and colors and raise, call and fold, we wonder of the sanity of it all, as the cobwebs grow and the answering phone is full and no one knocks on the door anymore knowing you are going to call out "fold" when they came and "called" and your world becomes that of the "MICROS".

      Ah for my old life back.....I think.

      Loving it. Though I now swear as I start this blog, to read the forums and study more.

      Hi there, my name is Grinding and thats what I am doing on the tables. Day in day out and learning. Do I want to be a Pro.! NO! Just playing for fun and while at home for a while thought, lets take this a bit more seriously and at least hold your stack even and a bit over and above is just awesome in my books.

      Today I started my blog having been nagged *coughs* ok coached and encouraged, to get here. So am here and after a weekend of "UG" as I call it those days, the "UG" days when you want to throw the mouse at the wall, and turn it all off and give up, I stepped up!!! I hit the big time!

      I am playing the 25c games. Rigid and responsible with bankroll management unless had more than 1 bottle of red wine, am now testing the waters. Really enjoyed reading other blogs, so here is mine.

      Onward and upward, had the hours break....back to tabling and will post again. This forum is just fantastic for the amount of information. Thanks!
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