Nl10-->Nl25 ?

    • ancha666
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      Over 28k hands I have 7BB/100 winrate at NL10, I feel like I beat this level...
      My bankroll stands at 300$ and yesterday I made a plan and sit with full buy in on two NL25 table to give a try and check what kind of fishez are swiming in this sea. Over 4h session I doubled up on both tables playing good game with really really AWFUL players, I had a feeling that game is even softer then on NL10...
      however - I feel confident with 25$ on the table and I don't mind betting and raising in the proper way. The only thing I decided is that when I fall down to 250$ I'm back@NL10.

      What do you think? I'm not gonna tilt, I'm not gonna go broke and I had strict BR management allround, I just feel I can beat NL25 and if variance doesn't catch me I think I'll be fine.
      so after 250$ i go back to NL10, ok? :)
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    • richard1817
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      Try SSS strategy on nl25 to get used to it. That way you only have to buy in for $5 and you can lose 10 buy ins before you have to drop back down a limit
    • carusel
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      sounds good to me ancha , go for it
    • SonicXT
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      If you move back quickly enough, I don't think it's a problem.
      I did the same thing when moving up to NL50SH. I moved up a little (way) too early with a bankroll of 600 $ because deep down I knew I could beat the limit and I didn't see myself having a 12 BI downswing with some uberfish around.
      It takes some battering variance, some "ow shit" moments to deal with, but if you're really confident you can beat it ... why the hell not.

      I stepped back once when falling back to 400 $ and retried at 550 $, because if you know you can have the winrate it should be +EV to give it a go. I think that early move accelerated my BR growth without having a real big increase in bankruptcy probability.

      However, if you plan to do this, be prepared for some psychological stuff to deal with, because it really isn't that easy to play your A-game and not to play with scared money when playing underrolled. Deal with that in a good way and play +EV and I think it's worth a shot.