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FBI is kinda a dick

    • yearn4u2
      Joined: 23.12.2010 Posts: 14
      There are 2 sides in the argument and I'm going to try take the side of FTP. FTP cannot return US players' funds, but unlike absolute poker who gave up immediately, FTP kept trying. If they are frauds, why didn't they just did what other sites did? If we were to believe FTP that a certain asshole embezzled millions from them and leaked crucial poker information to FBI in order to save his ass from getting thrown into jail by FTP, then FTP is the victim here. If that's the case, it isn't hard to realize that FBI is mad at FTP for making them look like the bad guys and decided to crush them completely. I mean, if they were able to make FTP look like frauds, then whatever FTP said automatically become false. They will be able to impose huge fines on FTP, and even gain their reputation back.
      If FTP is working as hard as they say to find investors to pay back players and bring the site back up, the US govt is trying to ruin the chances of players ever getting back their money.

      I know everyone is mad at FTP for being unable to pay us back, but that doesn't mean they are frauds. They have a good reputation throughout the years, they provide great games, their customer service was great and people were able to cash out. Suddenly they are frauds now? I don't buy it.
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    • Zhusy
      Joined: 17.01.2010 Posts: 383
      Define the word fraud?

      It is true that FTP managers are probably corrupted. They are just humans like all of us and greedy. Thats why most of us play poker right?

      As for the fraud part, yes they did a fraud to the US government. So the US government has all the rights to kill them. Rules should apply for all. Isn't online gambling banned in the US? Why did the US players put then money online if they knew it? Get real. I don't say that's alright but its a frickin rule. I had my problems with them too.
    • Econom1sta
      Joined: 27.01.2010 Posts: 130
      Good reputation?

      That's exactly right, they couldn't afford to do things they did. Good reputation takes years of investing and is hard to get, but man, when you get it you must try to keep it. They can't use MY MONEY for their purposes! No, successful multimillion company which is not well organised and responsible to their custumers doesn't deserve a good place in the industry. How come PS is still working? Lose trust = lose custumers = lost profits. Simple.

      I don't have any money there, it's just objective statement.
    • Maniatrix
      Joined: 01.11.2008 Posts: 674
      I thought it was the Alderney gaming commission, not the FBI that were responsible for shutting down Full Tilt.
    • MarkQuick
      Joined: 06.12.2010 Posts: 1,343
      Originally posted by Maniatrix
      I thought it was the Alderney gaming commission, not the FBI that were responsible for shutting down Full Tilt.
      Hey Maniatrix, it was the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) who suspended the licences for Full Tilt Poker, who at the time released the following statement:

      "The decision to suspend these licenses follows a special investigation prompted by the indictments unsealed by US Attorney General’s Office in the Southern District of New York on 15th April 2011, during which grounds were found to indicate that these licensees and their business associates were operating contrary to Alderney legislation."

      To read the full article click here: Full Tilt Poker.

      For the latest statement from Full Tilt Poker please click here: Full Tilt Poker Statement 26/09/11

      Take it easy.
    • Gabinr1
      Joined: 05.04.2009 Posts: 7,755
      Actually I'm glad the license was suspended. Because if it would not have been I would have played a lot and won, then I would lose way more when the license would be suspended eventually, or if anything worse would have happened.