Went all-in with KK in a S'n'G.

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      Heya! Just wanted to know wether I did the right thing or not when it comes to bets etc. It is the Facebook League on pokerstars with 10 cent buy-in. The average chip stack was at 3500 and I had 2125.

      Blinds: 75/150.

      Preflop: Metamorphis is BB with K, K

      There's 2 limpers behind me.

      Metamorphis: raises 450 to 600
      !!!kolek!760: Raises 415 to 1015 and is All-In
      bronco152: raises 450 to 1465
      Metamorphis: Raises 670 to 2135 and is All-In
      bronco152: calls 670

      River 5 J 7 4 5

      bronco152 shows Q 8 Flush, Queen High
      Metamorphis shows K K Two pair, kings and fives
      bronco152 wins 2240 from the side pot
      !!!kolek!760 shows 8 9 Pair of fives.
      Bronco wins 3270 from the main pot.

      I probably did everything right.. But it feels seriously bad to end like this. This is the reason to why I call KK preflop the kings of hell.. Still, I'm second guessing myself. Is it the right choice to go all-in the way I did? I'm having a hard time thinking that it's not at the same time I'm left with this bitter feeling that I could have prevented this from happening..
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