Could it be that the players at FR FL 0.5$/1$ are worst than players at 0.25$/0.5$?

I sure got that feeling now when I just moved up. I did lose almost a 100$ last night when I moved up, but that was due to some really bad luck, people called with everything preflop and they called or beted even when they didn't hit anything(but the bastards always got exactly the right two cards on the turn and river).

One of the more memorable hands that made me fell of my seat was when I got a set on the flop with pocket 99, one guy left and I CAPed the flop and turn(there was no possible flush or straight or higher sets), but then a 10 came on the river. And I thought to my self what is the chance of him having pocket 1010(the only possible way to beat me), so I CAPed the river. AND HE SHOWED 1010!!!!!!!

But that's besides the point, they are really bad, they call with nothing(stuff like 98o on a QK2 flop). Is it just me or did anyone else noticed this?