just a few shortcut questions...

    • BuchoCZ
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      In the article about our new Black member, I find some thing unclear for me..

      "I beat that limit for about 6PTBB and also won at NL200 for about 30k hands at 7PTBB."

      PTBB = ?

      "In hindsight, I must say I was on a very big upswing, since I played - contrary to now - a very nitty 15/12 style and only played very fishy tables."

      XX/XX style = ?

      Thx in advance...
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    • SoyCD
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      Hi BuchoCZ,

      The PTBB refer to the BigBet which comes from FixedLimit and transfered to NoLimit equals twice the BigBlind. So he would have beaten NL200 with 14BB/100 (14BB earned per 100 Hands).

      (PTBB refers to PokerTrackerBB which was always calculated in Bigbets)

      The 15/12 style refers to his VPIP and PFR stats.

      VPIP = Voluntary put into pot = How many hands he voluntary put money into the pot
      PFR = Pre-flop raise = How many hands he raised preflop.

      With 15/12 style he was playing 15% of his hands and raising 12% of his hands (so basically playing only hands which he raised pre-flop and playing a very tight range).


      Best regards,