HEM not graphing tourney on stars

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      So I've been playing a lot of $2 - $5 MTT's on stars recently and finaly shipped one for $680! :D

      But for some reason this tourney wouldnt show on my results graph in HEM ?(
      In the data view the tourney was there but it showed finish as 0 and winnings as $0.00 ?(

      So I manually edited the data to show finish as 1 and winnings as $683.84
      In data view, any tourney cashes show up in green but this one was white, even after editing. Click refresh - still not showing on graph X(

      So I have a look in this forum and see another guy with a similar problem, someone else suggests enabling save tourney summaries in the poker stars client, which I do. I also requested tourney summary from stars, which they emailed to me and I manually added this to the summary folder.

      The tourney shows in the data view as green now, but still doesn't show on the graph.

      I've updated HEM to the latest version, still no graph.

      Obviously this tourney result is quite significant to my overall stats, so it's quite annoying that it is not being counted.
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