Crazy bad Session

    • abhi147
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      I just cant believe todays day!!!

      Everytime i had AA/KK/QQ I would lose even after flopping a set
      Running cards to make a straight for them . WTF
      twice my KK ran into AA

      Down 27$ in 2 hours shortstacking with 4$ buy in at NL10

      i get JJ/QQ and the board always has A K. Impossible to believe

      lost 12$ in tournaments at 1.50$ buyins and busting out on sets and two pairs zzzzzz With no obvious draws on flop.


      I lost this much money without being on tilt. Was fuming but no tilt
      Wonder what wouldve happened if i was on tilt

      This is my first session ive been in -ve for last whole week
      But the problem is each of my session ive won about 10-20$ and in 1 session i lose so much it hurts my BR

      Phew. Ok needed to put my anger somewhere. Now am cool.
      But not gonna play any more today
      Will pwn tomorrow :@
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