Nothing updating since 28th September

    • clawindsouza
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      My graphs and sessions arent being shown on HEM after the 28th of September. Ironically, my HUD works fine and updates after every hand.

      I checked the HEM archives and all the files after the 28th are there..

      I had requested for some old hand histories of mine and then i had uploaded it on HEM on the 28th or so. I have a feeling this did something to it.

      Please help!!

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    • datsmahname
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      just for some extra feedback, my hands/graphs and sessions are showing up fine.

      maybe its a little problem with the alias you have selected... or the series of dates you've specified? (kinda LDO solutions i know, but sometimes..)
    • netsrak
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      Usually this is a filter, date/time or playername problem

      If you cant figure it out create a new database for a test and import the hands via import file/folder to this database.