Canada Cup Round 2 Here I come

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      I had my best finish ever (I think) in a tournament with this many players.

      Top 27 got a Round 2 ticket, and I was 14 when the bubble burst.

      I was in 10th when there were 50 left, and other than stealing blinds a couple of times, I played no hands there to end. Got at least two walks, which really helps when the blinds are so high.

      I started off slow, not having a playable hand until the 5th blind level, when my stack was less than 2/3 the original.

      I then doubled up 5 times in 17 hands Woot!

      From there I got kinda aggro until I had a good position.

      Somewhere along the way I remember reading something here about tightening way up when your placement was near certain, so I did.

      Surprisingly, players above me in the standings busted out when if they just sat out they would have got a ticket too.

      Wish me luck in Round 2
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