I'm pretty sure that the STT guidelines don't apply.

with 27 places paid, and 200 players left, it's miles away from the bubble.

I got lucky a few times, and with blinds 800/1600/150and a +30K stack, I started open shoving on the 5 players to my left whenever they were in the blinds. I even shoved over limpers a few times.

Except for my, everyone at the table had an M of < 10, but I avoided open shoving from early position.

Does playing like this make sense in this situation?
I did lose a few pots playing like this, but nothing more than 1/4 my stack.
Mostly everyone just folded.

I'd hate to think I should play like this all the time, but on this table, it worked really well.

Oh -- this tournament was a satellite that paid top 27.
Part of my reasoning when I started this was, "If I'm out of the money, and DON'T start shoving, I'll finish out of the money anyway."