hiya guys..

i recently started playing online poker (with my own deposit @ partypoker, + with the "free" 50$ @ titan poker) and sofar all good, after the usual downswing for every beginner im going up and even more up.

Im using pocker tracker to... idd.. keep track of my winings..

Sofar everything is A-ok with PartyPoker, even in hand-playbacks bet-amounts are correctly displayed. But with titan (or IPN networks as its called within pokertracker) PokerTracker somehow confuses the , with . and therefore treating my 10 cent bets as 0.000,0010 cent bets (while its actually 0.000,10 .. when using euro-style delimiters)

i've tryed switching between "Reqional settings" (as pokertracker sugests when starting up) but this doesn't solve anything.

therefore i hope anyone has some tip about how to solve this, so i can "track" my pokerstats for both platforms..

grtz out, gio