• Gajus11
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      Its time to say hello to PokerStrategy staff and forum member.

      I'm from Lithuania and i'm 25 years old. I think i'm in love this fantastic game... it gives endless opportunities to everyone no matter who they are. I hope you all enjoy this game too...

      A bit about me and poker.

      First poker money i got from PokerStrategy quiz but as many newbies thinks they are kings of the game after few pots/tournaments winnings.
      I wasted my 50$ the same day i got them. :f_biggrin:

      Now i will try to play as good as i can SnG's and MTT, still not sure what will be better for me, but definitely not Cash games.

      We will meet sooner or later in forum blog section. Because i plan to write blog about my ups and downs and maybe someone will have some tips too. So good luck to everyone ;)
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