Making the notes: what do you write there?

    • SilverSag
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      There always is talk about making notes and I also do make notes on villains, especcially regulars, but I have never discussed this topic with anyone.

      So, anyone cares to tell what notes they tend to make on villains?

      I normally write down unusual plays, like limpraising AA from UTG from example.

      How many notes do you end up writing on average?

      I have some villains with history of few hundred hands, who have 4-5 notes, but I also have some with 20K+ without any notes (probably because they dont seem to do anything out of the ordinary).
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    • CollinMoshman
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      The best notes are ones that tell you useful info that your HUD won't readily tell you -- like if a player will just about always fold the turn after checking back the flop in HU pots, or is normally passive but capable of bluff-raising the river.

      I think good notes are also fairly general and quick to interpret later, rather than details of how someone played a specific hand.
    • SnakeDoctor44
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      Just note down thing like if he go's all in with middle pair or all in pre-flop with rags etc.

      If you are planning on playing the same stakes for a while then it will be profitable in the long run. If you have noted the player is a maniac then you can maybe call his overbet on the river with 2 pair etc because you think he is bluffing/thinks his bottom pair is the best hand etc.