100$ for the one who can help me

    • helemaalnicks
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      I need help. I will pay you 100$ if you can configure pokertracker for me. It doesn't matter where you are from, as long as you can make it work. It needs to do:

      - Automatically get handhistories, and in a postsql format, so i can use it.
      - Calculate sklansky$, and all in luck for s&g's, for which it needs to automatically get the tournament results.
      - Calculate $loss/win for every hand

      I play s&g's at pokerstars. And I cant do it. Plz dont give me tips on how I can do it myself. This is an ad, and if someone out there wants to make 100$ in a short time, tell me in this thread, and Ill find a way in which we can contact eachother.

      Id like to work on a no cure-no pay basis, because I know it's not easy, and I think it should be possible for 100$.
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