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[NL20-NL50] Live $1/$2 perfect play gone wrong

    • CaptLoeff
      Joined: 31.07.2011 Posts: 29
      I know that this forum is not for $1/$2 NLH, but since I'm only at the silver level on, I can't post this hand where I should. I play at NL2 online, but my live play bankroll is much healthier so I can justify the $1/$2 stakes when I play live.

      The following is, in my opinion one of my best hands ever with respect to how well I played the hand through the turn. However, I mad a crucial mistake on the river that cost me a lot of money. I'm very interested to hear your thoughts on my play.

      Small Blind: ?? ($1 in pot)
      Big Blind: ?? ($2 in pot)
      Under the Gun: ?? Straddle ($4 in pot)
      Position 4: ?? Fold
      Villain 1 in position 5: ?? Call $4
      Villain 2 in position 6: ?? Call $4
      Hero in position 7: Qc Tc - raise to $16
      I have a very tight image. I have not played a hand for
      approximately 3 complete rounds and have not turned over anything but premium hands at showdown after several hours of play so the rest of the table has been giving me a hard time for it so I know that they have all noticed that I'm playing very tight. I'm confident that a raise will likely win me the pot or at a minimum, buy me the button. I bought into this $1/$2
      game for $400 (max buy-in) and now have just over $500 in front of me.
      I'm confident in my ability to outplay almost everyone at the table. At
      this point I have the initiative.

      Position 8: fold
      Position 9: fold
      SB folds
      BB folds
      UTG folds
      Pot - $55 with 3 players. I'm in position.

      Flop: 5d Qs Ad
      Villain 1 donk bets $40 stealing the initiative from me
      Villain 2 calls.
      My read: Villain 1 has already proven to have a very wide range,
      including any two suited cards (these seem to be his favorite as he
      enjoyes chasing flushes). He has donked the flop 3 times in this game
      since I sat down and each time, he had a flush draw. At this point, I'm
      reasonably confident that he has a diamond draw. Villain 2 is a somewhat
      solid player except he likes to call about 80% of the time pre-flop. If
      he calls or bets after the flop, he either has something or is getting
      the right odds to call and draw at a straight or flush. At this point in
      the hand, I assume he has at least top pair, maybe top 2 pair. Villain
      1 will call any raise I might make in this spot because he will not give
      up the opportunity to turn a flush. Villain 2 is a much better player
      and is certainly capable of laying 2-pair down if I represent a set of

      Hero: I call

      My explaination: I've been playing extremely tight. I called pre-flop
      with small pairs 4 times since I sat down at the table. I didn't slow
      play my set of 9s earlier in the match, but I was out of position, so a
      call here can still represent a set very well since I'm in position and
      villain 1 donked on the flop. Since villain 2 is capable of laying down
      top 2 pair to a set on the turn, I'll just call. If I re-raise to
      another donk bet by villain 1 he'll have to fold if the turn is not a

      Pot: $175
      Turn: 7c
      Villain 1: check
      Villain 2: check
      Hero: Bet: $75 taking the initiatve back
      Villain 1: call
      Villain 2: fold

      A little surprising, villain 1 calls my bet! Villain 2 folds after
      talking to himself for about 2 minutes. Now, I'm a little concerned
      that I might have mis-read villain 1. But the little voice in my head
      is still telling me that he's on a flush draw.

      Pot: $325
      River: 2h
      Villain 1: donk bets $70
      Hero's thoughts: The math is says to call! The little voice in
      my head is telling me that he has a busted flush draw, probably K high
      which is why he was able to justify a call on the turn with the nut flush draw. He's not a mathmatical player and doesn't calculate pot odds, and he's betting because that's the only chance he has of taking down the pot. But then I start thinking that a small bet like that means he's betting for value. It looks like he really wants a call. Then I start thinking that
      $70 is a lot of real money. I suddenly became a big chicken! "There's
      almost $400 dollars in the middle, but maybe I don't have to lose
      another $70."

      Hero: folds!

      Result: Villain starts breathing again (holding his breath was something
      that I failed to notice earlier) and breathes a big sigh of relief. He
      then admitted that he bet the river because that's the only way for him
      to win the pot with his busted diamond draw. On the positive side, both
      villains asked me if I had trip 5s! In hindsight, I think it was a risky
      play that I pulled off to perfection until I got scared. That would have
      been the play of a lifetime for me had I been able to pull the trigger.
      I think that I should have re-raised all in. I had him covered by about $150 or so and he would have had to fold. Unfortunately, as a fairly new player, I'm not accustomed to playing for pots of that size. Maybe with a little more experience I'll get more comfortable. By-the-way, villain 2 said that he folded top 2 pair thinking that I had a set of 5s.
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    • Kaitz20
      Joined: 02.02.2007 Posts: 27,343

      I would called river, since his line doesn´t make a lot of sense+ if you put him on draws then it should be easy call with your reads.
      Pf raise is questionable, since players at live would generally call all sort of hands, so I´d rather first try to make my hand and then go for value, so I´d personally prefer limping more.
      I guess turn bet is fine, although don´t expect players to fold better hands, but better to bet yourself and then take your free showdown than check around and fold to river bet.

      Villain 2 must be supper nit, since I have no idea why you should raise 55 pf+ I doubt he would really c/f turn his top two pair, so I think he just had smt like KJ
    • CaptLoeff
      Joined: 31.07.2011 Posts: 29
      Kaitz, I think you're right about calling river. I'm still upset with myself for being such a chicken. Villain 2 did tell me after the hand that he folded top 2 pair because he was convinced i had a set. He likes to splash around a lot pf, but fold anything less than a set to a tight player after the flop. I'm not sure why, but I can't complain because I'm holding a lot of his money from my last three poker sessions.

      I also agree that QT is a bit loose for a pf raise when I'm not on the button and only facing the blinds, but my tight image and the fact that there was some additional dead money in the pot due to the straddle, made me think that I should at least give it a try. I only do something like that on very rare occasions. Ordinarily I'm a very tight/aggressive player.

      Thanks for your input!