[NL2-NL10] QQ multiway, on scary board

    • Wacko118
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      Grabbed by Holdem Manager
      NL Holdem $0.10(BB) IPoker
      SB ($30.68)
      Hero ($16.61)
      UTG ($10.65)
      UTG+1 ($10)
      CO ($14.28)
      BTN ($3.25)

      Dealt to Hero Q:diamond: Q:heart:

      fold, fold, CO raises to $0.30, fold, SB calls $0.25, Hero raises to $1.20, CO calls $0.90, SB calls $0.90

      FLOP ($3.60) Q:club: K:heart: T:diamond:

      SB checks, Hero bets $2.70, CO calls $2.70, SB raises to $14.40, Hero raises to $15.41 (AI), CO calls $10.38 (AI), SB calls $1.01

      Sb is a total fish so im really not worried about him, i shove to close out the CO who is a nit.
      Is my play ok, against the nit, am i ever ahead here?
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    • yaxkukmian
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      Preflop: Raise more preflop, you want to isolate and play against sb. I would raise here to $1,40.
      When both players call your raise you say you're not worried, especially about sb, so you're in a good position.

      Flop: It's super draw heavy and we have to protect and get some value from 2 pair combos, or some TP?K. I would bet even more $2,95. If player wants to call, he'll call.
      Action develops pretty sick after your cbet. It's such a tough fold, especially if we know sb is fish. Against 2 players we hardly ever beat them both.
      I wonder is I could fold this...probably not but we should. Damn, awful spot. The nit might have TT or AA, I don't see AJ that often, but at the same time he doesn't just call and then calls 2 shoves with one pair kind of hand.

      SB had QT and nit KK?
    • pokerprons
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      I definitely think you can be ahead of the nit there since he didn't 4bet pre flop and decided to play vs 2 players. I think it's safe to say he doesn't have KK,AA (though not impossible- don't know if he likes to slowplay monsters). His hand looks more like AK, TT to me or maybe even KQ if he's a fish but the problem here is that the fish might have you beat since he is stupid enough to call with AJ pre flop since he's last to act.
    • Wacko118
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      Im miles ahead of that fish most of the time and even against the straight i have some equity. About 20%.

      Fish was playing 50/5 with a very aggro 5.0 AF and was chucking chips around a lot postflop but he would also often fold on scary boards and seemed to be playing postflop far better than he was pre.

      The nit i basically think never has KK or AA since you never want to play that 3 way and he doesnt raise.

      What people actually had.

      Fish: 2 pair KQ and then claimed he had been set up
      Nit: AJs, i was shocked like wow.

      however i turned a second turn and got lucky :)
    • veriz
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      Hello Wacko118,

      Preflop: While being so deep you definitely have to raise it bigger and not give them good odds for set mining. At least ~$1,50 would be mine.

      As played
      Postflop: Well, not much to do. I am also Bet/Calling this. Even if they have a made hand as straight or something similar then you still have a lot of outs. SB could easily even have himself a lot worse hands. Going broke here.

      Best Regards.