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MTT or cash games ?

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    • Castle93
      Joined: 06.06.2011 Posts: 1,458
      im an MTT player and i love tornements, thats why i play them, getting a big pay out feels so good and i love the structures. Do what you enjoy and you ll do well, try both see what yu think, yu can always switch, ive switched game types so many times, im currently playing 45 man turbos :D hopes this helps

      Regards, alex :D
    • VTomukas
      Joined: 30.12.2007 Posts: 252
      I play only cash games (with very rare exceptions - VIP freeroll's, or just a moments of madness :D ). Reasons -

      1) Time. I have a full time job, so I usually have 1-1,5, max 2-3 hours per workday to play a poker. That's not possible to be a MTT player, and perfectly fits for a cash one :)

      2) Tiredness. I usually just get tired after a ~1,5 hours of poker, and if I continue to do - I usually end up with horrible play and busting out of MTT because of it. Maybe also because of job.

      3) Types of the mistakes. Also have some common with 2nd point - if I make the mistakes, I usually tend to make a smaller amount of mistakes - but they are a huge ones. A type of - first press the button, and just after I did, I just stand and think "what the f$%k I just did?"

      4) Tilt. I tent to tilt very fast and very hard... No, I never had "a genius plan" to move up the limits to "get loses back faster", and I never will :D But like 2-3 lost coinflips/bad beats or even coolers in a row can get me into a monster tilt, which means I cannot play more poker that day :D It usually ends bad if I play a MTT's, since I can't just leave them :)

      5) Just less variance. I know some really really top MTT players, which haven't made final table of a big tournament for a couple of months. They say, they know some even better ones, who were badswinging about the year and more. MTT's, have a huge variance, the bigger the field, the bigger the variance. Also MTT's SnG have more theory for a late stages, so it may increase the value of variance even more if more opps know that.

      6) Well and thay say - cash is the REAL poker :) On MTT's other things becomes more importat - especially psychology, and cash is allways the same situation, where skill matters most :)

      7) I just LIKE cash games, to be honest :)
    • TonyRice
      Joined: 30.01.2010 Posts: 3,373
      Originally posted by Castle93

      Do what you enjoy and you ll do well
      Best advice you will get imo.

      First of all if you want to make a nice profit from these games then you are going to have to work had to improve as much as you can and have an edge on all our opponents, this means lots of reviews, sweat sessions, hand evaluation etc you will need to put a good amount of time in to see decent results so you shouldnt pick a game that isnt going to 100% keep your attention.

      So play both for a while make sure you stick to a pretty safe BRM while you are experimenting and pick the game you enjoy the most you can always work on a 2nd game later on when you are good at the first. And ofc there is nothing to stop you if you get bored, switching.

      a couple of pros of MTTs:

      Big payouts for final tables
      Generally pretty soft opponents

      and cons:
      huge variance
      Long hours for a result and always chance you can play for 5 hours and only be up a couple of $

      cash pros:

      Can choose when and how long you play for can quit if you're not playing A game
      Less variance

      Cash cons:

      For some people less exciting no huge score to aim for.

      Anyway that was just a really quick list the main thing is you play what you enjoy gl whatever you choose and keep us updated