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      Hi SRBSavic1,

      I am going to move this thread to our SNG Beginner Discussion section as you may get more answers here :)

      You should never be afraid to move up the limits imo.

      If you have beaten the previous limit under a good sample and have the correct bankroll for such a move then go for it.

      What Poker Room are you currently playing at?

      If you are playing sets of games together then maybe drop 1 $1.50 game and replace it with 1 $3.50 game. This way it will ease you into the new level especially if you don't feel confident enough to go straight to the $3.50 games.

      You will probably see a small improvement in player ability but I wouldn't reckon it to be too huge a jump.

      Maybe some of our members will have other and better pointers for you here :)

      Kind regards,

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      Just moved to the same limit and I didn't realise mush difference, tables are still veeery soft.