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  • 2 replies
    • pzhon
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 1,151
      It looks interesting. However, some of the descriptions seem to overhype the strength of taking into account ties. The author is definitely not the only person to consider ties. Ties matter when you are very risk-averse, you have A-X and you expect to run into a lot of A-X hands. Hands like 99 rarely tie, and A-x will tie less often against a wider range.

      The inability to handle overcalls seems like a significant weakness. My program ICM Explorer also does not handle 3-way pots, and that limits the information it can provide.
    • Qicmizer
      Joined: 17.09.2011 Posts: 792
      pzhon, thanks for saying it looks interesting. As for overhype - yes I agree there might be some overhype there when I look that text over. I must also agree that examples I have provided arent doing specifically good job at goals I had as they could have been, and many people get doubts about actual effect of taking ties into consideration. I will be updating examples with some other more real world situation so its more clear that effect is daily and it is important.

      However what you are saying isn't completely true, and looks like underhype of tie effect.

      You say that 99 rarely ties? Well it does indeed rarely tie! Poker however is about playing all kinds of hands, not just pairs 66+. There are only few paired hands, and most difficult ICM decisions occur when you are holding various hands that are pretty far away from good pair (like 99 you mention) definition. Also when you hold 99 its usually so strong ICM calculators arent going to come in handy cause decision is often automatic in endgame. (easy call or easy shove )

      Poker is mostly played with unpaired hands, and for them ties bring in significant difference in results.

      In any late game situation when you are facing a wide push and you got any type of holding icmizer will show great difference with your program or wizard. Even for pairs, but difference is clearly more if it is not a pair.

      Overcalls support will be added to icmizer, but not in the nearest time.

      Meanwhile I have added Chip cEV, Dollar $EV along with Percent %EV results display mode which can help greatly to understand actual $ value behind any decision.

      I am constantly working on icmizer and new features are added everyweek so stay tuned for more.

      for those who are interested icmizer can be found here :