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*** Collin Moshman Blog ***

    • CollinMoshman
      Joined: 20.09.2011 Posts: 544
      Very glad to have my first blog up on PokerStrategy!

      Katie and I just released Pro Poker Strategy: The Top Skills. It’s an 11,000 word strategy ebook for $3.50. Five years ago, a project like this would have been very tough. Book stores don’t like short texts, and it wouldn’t be worth a publisher’s time to promote a book selling for this amount. Fortunately we now have a very viable option with ebooks.

      One of the reasons why this project appealed to me so much is that someone can read just a few minutes of this book at the beginning and end of every session (using Kindle for PC) and be done in just a few weeks. We give a primer on converting pot odds to winning percentages, teach how to estimate equity against range in-game, count hand combinations, illustrate hand-reading, and provide examples of pot size manipulation.

      So we’re definitely excited about this project, and hope to turn it into a series of similarly-priced strategy ebooks.


      I had a fun time at the G2E gaming expo on Wednesday. KillerEV and I promptly tracked down the IGT reps to talk about their HU limit bot. I started off with a softball on whether the bot played exploitively, and then elaborated by asking if it adjusted its play based on what the person was doing. (Expecting an answer of “No,” but just wanted to get the convo going.) KillerEV then stepped up to the plate for a follow-up question, but by the time he got to the phrase “neural network,” they had clearly checked out. The last we heard from them was one saying, “Uh, we’re in sales,” and that was that. So I guess I’ll have to settle for bringing down the bot at Venetian tonight!
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