Greetings From Canada BC

    • TheBlackAce
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      Hi everyone,

      I'm TheBlackAce, I got to know this site from a Belgian guy I met during apple picking in the Okanagan.

      So far it really looks like a nice community. Lots of people talking about there experiences and idea's.
      I am a 23 year old college dropout, working as a fruit picker or any job I can find. Poker has been in my live for 3 or 4 years. Started playing in the poker boom with friends. Most of them are bored with poker and so was I for a year. But I started playing in a few home games last June and got the bug again.
      I red some books since I started again and that really got me to a more serious level, especially "Caro's book of poker". The chapter about poker as a profession really got me thinking.

      Well I'm not good enough to really make it my profession but maybe one day... You never know, plus never hurts to keep dreaming!

      Real live BR is at 105$. We play NL50, this is a pretty loose game with players of very different skill lvl.
      Btw is there a section were you can talk about live games and discuss hands, tells, home game as a concept,...? I don't really like internet play.

      Goal for October is to get up to 200$ so I can try my luck at the casino with a full buy-in for NL200.

      Let me wish you all a (early) Happy Thanksgiving.

      Kind Regards TheBlackAce!
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    • VorpalF2F
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      (also from BC)
      We just had our big Thanksgiving dinner now, because all my kids had tonight off.
      Have you played live in any of the the casinos here?
      Have you played online at the BCLC site?

      Welcome aboard,
    • TheBlackAce
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      Thx Vorpal, well I haven't played in the casino yet. Trying to get a bankroll together trough the home games were I play in. We have a cash and a Sng going. I could just take money and go, but I want to get little more experience playing live. Plus I set that goal so don't want to just take my "own" money.

      I was just checking out the BCLC site, but I'm on a mac so can't download the software. Love mac but for poker it's not that good. I can't even do the instant play from partypoker. For some reason it keeps loading and never stops.

      Hope you had a good dinner, we are doing one tomorrow! Hopefully there is still a turkey left :p!
    • purplefizz
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      hi TheBlackAce,

      a very warm welcome to our community! at present, most of the information on this site is geared towards online play. however, some of our coaches such as chenny8888 are actually live pros. maybe you will be joining them soon and sharing to us your knowledge in this matter. :D

      how are you doing with the quiz? there is no better and less riskier way to start learning and playing online than with money not coming from your own pocket! right? :D

    • IngridN
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      Hi there TheBlackAce.

      Welcome to our community! :)

      I've sent you a ticket where I explained the next steps for you in order to receive the free $50 starting capital :)

    • TheBlackAce
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      Hi Wendy and Ingrid,

      Thx for the warm welcome. So apparently nobody has had the same problem as I am experiencing with partypoker! But I replied Ingrid about that.

      Well the idea is idd to try some internet poker! Thx for the 50$ starting capital. As I understand with that bankroll I will be able to play on 1/2 cent tables, or 1$ tourneys. Think I'll try the Big Stack Strategy, thats how I always play in live games. Around 100BB to start is pretty comfortable.
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      Hey TheBlackAce,

      Welcome to the Community!

      I see Ingrid and Wendy have been looking after you so well :)

      As you plan on playing BSS (Big Stack Strategy) I just wanna let you know that we are currently running a NL Beginners Course that you may be interested in too.

      The details are in my signature below if you wanna take a look!

      Kind regards and enjoy your Poker :)

    • IngridN
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      Hi there again :)

      I've got your reply and find it a little bit weird that you can not register your account at Party Poker.

      I'll try to give you a step by step procedure and see if we can do this together:

      1. Download the software by clicking on the following button

      2. Launch the downloaded installation file and follow the instructions to install the software on your computer.

      3. Complete the registration form, select an account name and password, and also make sure that you enter the bonus code PS150

      4.After registration, click on Deposit Now.Enter and submit your personal details. Close the window by clicking on the x in the upper right-hand corner without making a deposit. Don't worry! You don't actually have to make a deposit, but clicking on this button is the only way to activate real money poker.

      5. Come back to this page and enter your PartyPoker account name in the box below. This is the name that you use to log in to Please keep in mind that PartyPoker account names are case sensitive.

      Can you please let me know at which step you end up with the error message?

    • TheBlackAce
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      Idd thx for all the help so far! I will look into the Beginners Course!

      For my partypoker problem, the thing is I'm on Mac, so can't download the software (contacted pp support, there going to launch a mac platform end of the year). Only option is the instant play, but that doesn't work (tried to get the image in the post, didn't find how that works :p). I get "loading the Anywhere Lobby", but it keeps loading!
      I tried the Java script settings, other browsers (firefox, safari, google chrome)...
      On the site they redirect you to the download or instant play page. So no account :'(

      If I really can't figure it out I'll try other sites. Although not very many support mac... again :'(

      Anyway thx again for the help so far! Now lets do some strategy reading!!
    • dahobo
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      I am in the exact same boat as you. I live in Victoria and there is only 1 casino here and it almost never has a game, so I can only play in home games. I also am not too fond of playing online and would much rather play live, but it is sometimes just really hard to get a game. Not to mention, when I play 1/2 live it is a consistent win for me, as opposed to playing .25/.5 online or even less and losing... probably a combination of the higher quality players and the fact i lose concentration easy online.

      good luck
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      Hello and welcome :D

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      gl at the tables and welcome!