[NL2-NL10] JJ v push T-high flop help?

    • gadget51
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      Grabbed by Holdem Manager
      NL Holdem $0.10(BB) Replayer
      Hero ($10)
      BB ($4.27)
      UTG ($10.77)
      CO ($7.97)
      BTN ($10)

      So, I'm up against an apparently straightforward multitabling regular.

      17/ 13/ 4.5/ 3.2/ 445
      Villain's EPR range is 9% (not a great sample though);
      88+, ATs+, KTs+, QJs, AJo, KQo

      We've had a few words this session, with a few 3bet/fold meetings, but I got most of my good hands in awkward positions and always seemed to be the one OOP, as in this spot!

      Dealt to Hero J:club: J:diamond:

      UTG raises to $0.30, fold, fold, Hero raises to $0.85, fold, UTG calls $0.55

      FLOP ($1.80) 5:spade: 7:spade: T:club:

      Hero checks, UTG bets $0.85, Hero raises to $1.95, UTG raises to $9.92 (AI), Hero calls $7.20 (AI)

      Not sure if I should even fold that safe (ish) flop. I can rule out a lot of his range now leaving ATs+, KTs+, QJs, TT+, but think I can rule out KK and AA with him being so straightforward.

      versus his push range I have 48% according to Equilab and 36% (1.79:1) pot odds according to HEM Replayer, so I think the AI call is good but not sure.

      TURN ($20.10) 5:spade: 7:spade: T:club: 8:spade:

      RIVER ($20.10) 5:spade: 7:spade: T:club: 8:spade: A:heart:

      I moved up to nl10 only last week and need to get this stuff learned to move again soon. Ty in advance.
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    • veriz
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      Hello gadget51,

      Preflop: Why do you 3bet in first place against that kind of nitty opponent? I'd prefer rather just Calling and reevaluating it postflop.

      As played
      Postflop: Kinda overplayed your hand. I mean do you think such a nit is even able to Call with anything like AT?/Tx?. Doubt that, we only beat some kind of combodraw here and that's it. I'd make a standard CBet here and then reevaluate further actions. What hands do you think is going to continue vs your Check/Raise? And at the same time you are giving him very good odds if he even has a draw which he should take if he has one than ship it, so if he is shipping it's towards to a strong made hand.

      Best Regards.