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    • komandur
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      Hello there the starting hand chart which is there in BSS basics only tells actions before you,i mean for example i have a pair of jacks or tens and a player raised before me from early position and I am in M.P 1 go for call 20 and some other player from M.P 2 re-rasies my call 20 into 3 times,what plan of action should a player take if a situation like arises can you guide me or help me on this plz because this is not mentioned in the Raising chart for BSS and if there is such a chart for Actions after you at pokerstrategy where can i find it???

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    • kingkong2
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      i think that if u cant get the 20 times to set mine u need to fold .
    • clandestineAl
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      There isn't a chart for after that. This is where you need to use your mind and observations skills or HUD if you have one.There are so many variants that you couldn't have a chart for it. What is the UTG players range in that position. What is the guy behind you 3bet percentage. Did the UTG guy call the 3 bet. What are the stack sizes involved. How aggressive are the players etc etc
    • ZeloSlb
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      call 20 means you can call with pocket pair if you and your opponet has more than 20 times the raise. if he raises to 1$ you both need 20$+ for your call to be +EV.

      if there is a raise behind you, you should fold, there is no chart for moves after you i think, but if you follow the chart you should fold everything you call after a raise behing you. (if he has 10BB ofc not...)
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      I've moved this thread into our Education board and the guys will be happy to go into details re your questions.

    • EuanM
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      Hey komandur,

      Thanks for posting.

      Here we have an example of a type of BSS guideline chart for pre-flop actions.

      Of course, post-flop we need to take many factors into account, which could not effectively be represented on a starting hands chart.

      As clandestineAI says, we need to use what information we have at our disposal.

      Jacks / Tens are tricky hands, they can be strong as an overpair & as soon as another overcard hits, especially in multiway pots, completely useless, so we need to watch for these. Most peoples calling range can have you dominated most of the time with a broadway board, as im sure you can imagine. With their 3-betting range, stack sizes come into play. If you are quite short, we could potentially shove over the opponent, if you are deep, I don't see anything wrong with a call, but make sure we do have the odds to setmine.

      For some help with postflop play, my recommendation would be to study Lesson 3 of our NL Beginners Learning Path

      And here are three Article / Video combos for you, which should help for sure:

      Postflop - You have the initiative
      Postflop - Opponent has the initiative
      Postflop - Noone has the initiative

      This can be considered fairly basic material, but there is nothing wrong with revising your knowledge!

      And I have a little something else too: Playing Jacks & Tens for Gold+!

      Hope this helps & good luck at the tables!