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      I would like to tell you a little story about a bad night which later turned to be
      a nice morning. :)
      I started to play poker in the middle of January and registered here on 2nd of
      February. Since then I have played a lot and learnt even more.
      I'm better at SNG tournaments than cash games, but still I need to learn a lot.
      The articles here are great help and I read poker books too.

      But here is the story. On Saturday I was playing in my first live cash game
      - before this I never played live, just online.
      The buy-in was 20 euro and we were playing pot-limit hold 'em.
      I feel out after one hour because I made two mistake. The first mistake - when
      I lost 90% of my chips - was when I fell in love with my two pair and I was
      so blind that I didn't realize of the danger of a flush. Anyway, my opponent made the flush with the river card.
      The second mistake less serious,but still it made my game over. I was almost
      out of money and I had KK. I just raised when I should have gone all in.
      My opponent won with three 7.

      So I lost and I went home. I was so angry for myself because of my stupid mistakes that I thought I don't deserve going home by taxi so I went home on foot. It took 1 hour . :) I had time to think. :)
      It was almost dawn when I arrived home.
      I knew I can play much better and I wanted to prove.
      So I sat down and registered to an online tournament - 500$GP.
      There were 110 participant.

      And the dark night turned into a shiny morning, because I think I was playing
      really well and finally I placed on 3rd place. :) When I fell out I had straight
      with 6-7 and my opponent had straight also but with 8-9. Bad luck.

      So I lost 20 euro in the night on the live game and won 80 euro back online. :) And yes,it was good to won back my money but it was even better that
      I proved that I can play much better. :) Yes,I know it wasn't a big tourney
      but for me it's a great success.

      So far it's my best place in a "big" tourney - I won a lot of SNG,but there are
      only 6-10 participant.
      I have a 13th place in a freeroll with 500 participant.

      But I 'm learning constantly and want to improve - and prove. :)
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