[SIZE=14]How does the 24hPoker VIP System work?[/SIZE]

24hPoker recently restructured their VIP system and it is now a relatively simple Points for Cash System. As you increase your VIP level, you will earn more Loyalty Points, which can then be traded in for cash.

[SIZE=14]How many VIP Points are required for each status level?[/SIZE]

Below is an outline of the VIP levels and the VIP Points/Rake earned in the last 60 days required to achieve them.

Level [1] - 0 Points = Achieved after 1 raked hand/tournament buy in.
Level [2] - 100 Points = €50 rake
Level [3] - 225 Points = €112.50 rake
Level [4] - 500 Points = €250 rake
Level [5] - 1,000 Points = €500 rake
Level [6] - 3,000 Points = €1,500 rake
Level [7] - 6,300 Points = €3,150 rake
Level [8] - 14,000 Points = €7,000 rake

[SIZE=14]What cash prizes or bonuses can I buy for my VIP Points and how much cashback is this?[/SIZE]

You can trade in the Loyalty Points you have earned for cash. The table below is calculated by assuming that you are trading in your points at the minimum required VIP level.

This means that the smaller trade ins are worth more rakeback % when traded in from a higher VIP level.

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