sit n go HUD's

    • twinny90
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      Hi guys,

      Im a keen sit n go player, have some good results and analyse my play using sit n go wizard.

      i currently dont use any poker software or HUD of any kind,with sit n go's highly reliant on reads and tells of your opponents is a HUD really neccesary?

      iv looked in to it myself and came to the conclusion that a HUD doesnt really do much for my hard decision making in sng's.

      Whats your opinion on this, should i be using a HUD?..... or carry on grinding away getting results and reviewing my play in sng wizard?

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    • sdchamp123
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      I used it for 1 year.
      Its not a must for sure.
      My experience:
      U can see your BB/M
      U can most likely separate fish from sharks
      easier analyzing

      SnG and the different stages - you can never trust your stats to the fullest. for an example: you end up play HU and later on meet the same.

      I've let me told that HM2 will fix that problem

      But i fully recommend HM/HM2