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    • fruktpuff
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      Hello, Bogdan1190!

      When you buy a cash gift, it tells you in percentages how much equivalent rakeback this is.

      Let me make you an example(with made up numbers, as I do not have the PartyPoker shop numbers on hand right now.)

      If you bought $50 for 1000 points, you will have raked $500 to gain $50,
      this comes out as 10% rakeback equivalent in a cashback form.

      If you buy a bonus of $100 for 1000 points, you will rake $500 to clear $100, this will be released in increments like most bonuses, and will be equivalent of 20% rakeback if you clear all of it.

      There is no continuous rakeback involved at PartyPoker as they offer rewards through their VIP program.

    • Bogdan1190
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      ok thx for such a rapid response :)