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    • FiSheYe
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      Hello, I wasn't able to contact an Admin or Forumguru in time so I decided to post it here:

      A Unique High Stakes Heads UP NL Hold Em Seminar

      We, Daniel Cates (Jungleman12), Max Altergott (AltiFC), Johannes Straßmann (J.Strassmann) and Fredrik Keitel (Observer84, Fisheye1984) will hold a seminar in Vienna from the 28. – 30 October.

      This seminar is intended to you if you are an advanced Heads Up NL Hold Em Player and you would like to reach the next level, but also when you want to improve your game fundamentally. We will coach you for three intensive days if you are interested in beating limits from 5-10 lastingly as well as in successfully persisting against the Regulars.

      This is a unique opportunity for you to get into contact with other advanced players and to learn from three of the best Heads Up players from Germany and possibly the best of the world. On-site we will impart concepts and thoughts to you, which make us successful, exchange our knowledge of poker and get to know each other in order to keep contact in the future.

      After the seminar we will start a private skype-channel to which, as a former participant of the seminar, you will be granted access, so that you can further exchange information and knowledge with us and other advanced players.

      Normally none of us offers coaching and our knowledge about poker we share only with our closest friends.

      Here are some statistics and references about us:

      In general our statistics are only known on Pokerstars, whereas Ipoker, Ongame and other networks, which we also play quite frequently, aren’t included. Furthermore none of us are Bumhunters, which means that we like to play against Regulars and hardly avoid players.

      Daniel Cates

      • It is common knowledge within the poker community that he might very well be the best Heads Up Player of the world

      - Has won over 5 Million Dollars in Heads Up No Limit

      • Has a tremendous winrate and crushes every limit he plays

      • Has great knowledge as a coach

      Max Altergott

      • Considered one of the best German NL Heads Up Player.

      • Until today he studies theory intensively and puts it into practice through playing daily.

      • Maingame: 50/100 NL Holdem. Plays from 25-50 to 200-400 when the games are running.

      Johannes Straßmann

      • Was one of the first Germans who played $100-200 NLH online (2007)

      • For the past four years he has played almost exclusively NL Hold Em Heads Up online

      • Is regularly being coached by Jungleman12.

      • Has a very solid win rate in Heads Up for a vast samplesize on the limits $5/10 - $25/50.

      • Has a lot of experience in the personal counseling of players on how to reach a better balance in life by also improving their playing abilities and increasing their well-being.

      Fredrik Keitel

      • Considered one of the most feared German NL Heads Up Player.

      • Probably the German player with most Highstakes experience.

      • Former Top Starcraft player WCG 2003 #2, has in total a highly analytic approach to strategy games.

      • Is excellent in turning complex thoughts and analysis into poker-scenarios.

      The seminar will be hold in a luxury five star hotel in Vienna.

      The prize package includes hotel accommodation, food and beverages and free entrance to one of the most popular nightclubs in Vienna on Saturday evening.

      The total fee of the seminar is € 5500.

      What makes this Seminar so valuable to you:

      • Normally neither of us would coach anyone we don’t know and we would keep our knowledge to ourselves.

      • Because of the risk to take your own games away, coaching offers of High-Stakes players are in general an exception.

      • As a final result a higher money-value than the participation fee can be expected, since our imparted knowledge increases your wages per hour through higher stakes and more effective playing.

      • You will meet motivated and ambitious players who also have great interest in keeping contact after the seminar to discuss strategies and hands.

      • It shall be ensured for you that the players you meet are in fact advanced and they are able to lead interesting discussions because of their poker knowledge.

      • In comparison an EPT also costs €5000. However we are certain, that this seminar will be a more profitable investment, because you can definitely increase your win rate over the next years and become a better player.

      Why are we holding this seminar?

      • Through our intensive preparation not only you have the chance to learn something new and your poker foundations will be strengthened. Besides we can get a new view on different poker scenarios through your questions. These reflections will also promote interesting discussions and will give you an extensive insight in the way of thinking of a High-Stakes player.

      • We like to talk about poker-theories and exchange ideas with advanced players.

      • Our aim is to be active in the Coaching area long-term. Therefore we are looking forward to share our knowledge with you and be a significant part of your positive development.

      To guarantee an intensive coaching we have planned a limited number of participants.

      We will decide who can participate at the seminar, which means that we will only coach players, where the personal chemistry fits and the gaming skills are adequate.

      In total we guarantee you three days of intensive coaching and sharing all our knowledge that makes us successful. Normally we would charge at least 1000 USD per hour, which means 15.000 USD for 15 hours. Furthermore we can certainly also talk about hands, theories and concepts during the breaks.

      To anyone interested in doing this seminar we will provide a detailed schedule and structure by the end of the week of what exactly we are offering.

      Here are some of the topics we will discuss

      • Optimal Preflop Play in Heads Up

      • Main mistakes of the Regulars at 3-6$ - 25-50$

      • How can I best exploit the regulars of higher limits?

      • 3bet Pots optimal Play

      • 4bet Pots optimal Play

      • Board Textures (Which ones are good to 3barrel, which to c/f in the 3bet Pot with initiative, which are good to check/raise, …)

      • How can I manage to play on my A-Game as often as possible and which are the requirements needed for that?

      • Thinking in Hand Ranges, exact set-up of Hand Ranges of the Regulars of higher limits in certain spots

      • How to use the HUD in HU best (input of Jungleman12)

      If you like you can bring interesting hands to the seminar, which we will discuss and analyze in the group. Additionally it is also planned to prepare a session against a High-Stakes Regular, which we will analyze in detail and to each hand we will present our train of thoughts.

      If you are interested send an E-Mail with an unbinding request to

      Please include the following information about yourself in this E-Mail:

      • Heads Up experience and online screen names

      • Topics in which you are interested and your expectations on the seminar

      • First name, surname and date of birth

      A few topics will be firmly planned, but we are also open to special wishes on your part in so far as it is possible within the frame of the event. We will do our best to answer all of your questions.

      If you have further questions, we will try to answer these here in the forum, but you are also welcome to send us an E-Mail. Moreover the telephone number of Johannes’ assistant will be made available for further coordination and detailed conference, but also to answer questions over the phone.

      We are looking forward to working with you during the seminar in Vienna!

      Daniel, Freddy, Max and Johannes
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