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    • slippyjim
      Joined: 07.10.2011 Posts: 1,093

      I have only just realised that Holdem manager has a HUD, durrhhhh.... so I have been looking round at how to configure it etc and I found this colour chart on the HEM forums

      But I am a little confused as to why the colours seem to swap round though e.g.
      for VPIP and PFR yellow is really tight and green is loose
      for Cbet Green is tight and yellow is loose

      Why do they swap round? Or am I mis-reading it?

      Am I correct in assuming the orange values are the ones I should be aiming for?

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    • Krishjanis
      Joined: 04.01.2010 Posts: 977
      You need to aim for the red ones, because those are the best ones.
      For example VPIP yellow is just too tight, it's best to play more hands and not be such a rock and have VPIP a bit higher in the red zone.
      For Cbet yellow is bad it's loose because the villain will always know that you fire on the flop no matter if you hit it or not, so he can raise you and take the pot when it looks like you haven't hit anything and a lot of times you will have to give up the pot because you Cbet too much and you don't hit it always. Red would be best because then you see that you Cbet 68-77 that means you fire when you do have a hand or when the board is good for Cbet, so the villain looking at you Cbet percentage would know that if he doesn't have anything he should better fold.
      Basically it's like you can play too passive and too aggressive, too tight and too loose, the red zone is the best, orange is close but not good enough, yellow is so so and the green means you are a :f_biggrin: . Hope you got it.
      And I remember reading that these are for 6max so if you have all red in full ring you are playing kinda loose, dunno how much the 6max and FR stats differ someone else could comment about it.
    • slippyjim
      Joined: 07.10.2011 Posts: 1,093
      Thanks for the info.

      Yes you are right they are for 6max, I read the only ones to change for FR are VPIP and PFR by multiplying them by 6/10 so 0.6

      I will have a look at my stats in HEM and see where I am at the moment, probably a bit all over the place.....