Breakeven stretch

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    • shehanshah
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      3k games 180 man breakeven stretch. It evens out when u put enuf volume. :)
    • JohanRember
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      Originally posted by shehanshah
      3k games 180 man breakeven stretch. It evens out when u put enuf volume. :)
      What stakes if I may ask? 3000 is to me a large sample, and at micro stakes you should be doing better than this no?

      But maybe you are playing higher stakes?

      Either case, tough break man...
    • NIVEKii
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      Hey dogma18,

      It is perfectly normal to have a 200 game breakeven stretch at the 50/50's. There are people who have way larger sample sizes than that and have big b/e strechtes in there.

      Just hang in there, keep making the right decisions and the variance should even out with the volume you'll put in.

      All the best,

    • Justin37
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      fold more,
      raise less,
      play with strong hand,
      steal rarely blind when it start 50/100, just enough for u to survive
      dont defend blind with crap hand
      Notice who tight who loose
      dont raise if u are not willing to go all in
      Dont play small pair when the blind is over 100!
      Respect RE-RAISE!
      Dont overplay AK
      Most Important of all BE PATIENT

      my 200 tables 50%50%
      ITM 54%
      ROI 30%
      Total Profit = $98
    • TakeManies
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      It's normal but it doesn't harm to keep analysing your game. Good luck!