BRM while multi tabling

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      Hi All! Don't want to make this a bad beat rant but I'm running worse that a bow legged hooker at the moment and have been multi-tabling. Question is; do you adjust normal BRM if you are playing a bunch of tables at once? After a run of crazy beats while playing $5 SnGs my BR has dropped $50 in a couple of hours and those kind of swings aren't really comfortable to me.

      First session I started my mission of grinding 6-max SnG my BR took a jump and was feeling optomistic. Played hands well and AK was holding up against K3 and KK was holding over Q5...crazy lottery luck that you only hear about. Now I don't feel so good about my mission.

      Am more than rolled for the games that I'm playing and assumed the more games I play the more profit I make. Not working that way. Do you change stakes when MTing?
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      Hey there deezer,

      First of all im gonna sound blunt but if you cant handle a 10BI swing then you probably shouldnt be playing poker never mind SNGs. 10 BI swings happen very often and with SNGs its not too unusual to see 40 or 50 BI swings because the variance is high.

      My first advice would be to drop down a stake until you build a roll big enough for you to not think about the money when running badly (i know you must do this because you called it a $50 swing instead of 10 BIs)

      2nd of all if you feel like you cant play your A game while multi tabling then this gives you an answer start playing less tables again and introduce more slowly one by one as you get more comfertable.

      And of course remember as long as you keep on getting your money in ahead you will come out on top in the end

      All the best mate,
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      Can't deny that you've got some good points there. I do think of it as money instead of buy ins and I'm in this to make money, so when I lose the equivalent of 10BI in a couple of hours - it bothers me. Rarely multi-table as much as I have been lately tho I don't feel that it has affected my play. When you're running bad and MTing 4 tables, x4 the pain and cost. Still consider my play good and most of the time am getting it in with the best of it. Most you can hope for, so I'm learning.

      If I have maybe 3 more sessions like the one I had earlier today then I'm going to have to move down limits, something that also bothers me. I don't want to take a backwards step. And I guess it's less motivating for me to play games lower than $5 SnGs. Not that I won't if it's necessary. Variance is def something I need to get a handle on. To go from cashing 1st every other game to cashing 2nd once in 7 games...makes you question your play. Was it just a fluke when I was winning? etc etc.

      Will keep trying...thanks for the response.
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      If you just started MTabling I suggest you drop 1 limit down until you get comfortable with it and then move back to you original limit. +TILT is much more of a factor when Mtabling because $$$ can go away in an instant
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      Re: running bad, all you can do to fight back is study and improve your mindset for dealing with negative/positive variance. Study more and more and you'll improve your edge. Improving mindset means you can run bad and play your best anyways while also keeping your head on straight when you run like god. When you're learning I'd suggest you play fewer tables.

      Re: MTTing, as you increase # of tables your winrate will decrease. As winrates decrease your probability of going broke will increase if bankroll size remains constant. If MTTing is a good strategy for your style you'll want increase BR as you increase tables. I play cash games so refer to another source for BR management.
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      Just sat down for a session and only made it through 5 SnGs before I was too tilted to continue. Another hit to my roll and I need to calm down a little.

      I really want to improve my game but at this point am at a loss about what to study. It's a very vague question but do you have any idea on what to study regarding SnGs? Thought I was well versed but what do you guys study to become better at them? Please throw some ideas at me. I still hold to the idea that I am comfortable playing 4 tables at once and my play does not suffer for it.

      Pot equity is something I've gotten interested in and I have grown very curious about the choices my opponents make. Am done criticizing for what I judge as being bad play and think maybe there's a method to their madness. Someone calls my 8BB shove from BB with 8-10 off (a third of their stack) and river their 8, gets me thinking maybe I should gamble more and widen my range. I shove 10BB with A8 and the SB snap calls half their stack with KJ, am I wrong in thinking that's plain dumb? Much of my playing range depends on the odds I'm getting, position and stack size - those who seem to be going with their gut bust me.

      Can't get Poker Tracker to work for me and don't know where my hand histories are being stored but please eval this hand and see what you think:

      It's 3 handed at 6max SnG. Blinds are now 200/100 and I have a 12BB stack. Button min raises, SB raises to 900 and I have AK. Obviously I can't call, part of me wants to fold and hope to make it to money should these guys go off on each other. I decide I have to be good here and shove. Button folds and SB snaps with A10. Naturally I lost but is his play understandable? Raising the button is totally normal with that hand but I doubt I could call off all my chips with that hand, in that spot. What logic is being used?