Id Check In 1 Min???

    • plastictubing
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      Hello i just register to poker strategy and i completed all the stept and when i check my email like 1 minut after i have registed i already got the id checks that everybody talks.
      it is something random and how it is possible to get it so soon.
      i have send a copy and i will wait for the starting capital.
      but i was just curios what kind of verification u do if u send it so fast.thnaks
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    • ciRith
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      I don't know how our security system works but I think there are some routines in it which flags your accounts and sends out an email to you. (Maybe due to being refereed by a friend or having the same adress etc.. This are just guesses since I don't know it. :) )

      A good thing about is that it fasten up the time you have to wait (I guess again ^^) because if you first have to solve the quiz and receiving an email afterwards it will take often longer than 72h for you to get the money.

      (And I would be suspisious as well. :) )