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      I'm from Poland. I'm 26. I play poker since 2008. I played SSS up to NL50 and NL200 (on Bodog) - about 150K hands. I played SnGs up to 10$ - about 70K hands. I kept my bankroll at about 500$-1000$ by occasional withdrawals. Everything was going nice ...until Black Friday. Now I would like to learn BSS because I think it's the base of real poker and combined with my SnG experience it will let me play MTTs in few years.

      Now my bankroll is 30$ and because of my "never deposit" rule I have to start once again from the beginning. I start from NL2. My BRM is quite different from recommended by Poker Strategy. I simply move up the limits when I'm nearly sure that I "beat the limit" based on the number of hands played, winrate and standard deviation. My exact definition is "I move up when I'm 90% sure that my long run winrate is higher than 1.5 BB/100".

      I hope that the beginner's course will let me introduce myself into some concepts of deep stack poker.
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      Hello diablik7,

      Welcome to the Course! It seems that you are already familiar with poker and made some money with it even. :) Well done! Hopefully you will enjoy playing BSS and being part of Beginners Course! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

      Gonna be waiting for your homeworks. :)

      Best Regards.