titan freeroll

    • bikerzaine
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      i play on titan and there is a freeroll exclusivly for members. i just have to say that even taking in to account the fact that it's a freeroll, i don't think i come across as many donks(preflop allins w/trash, reraise allin w/trash etc)as i do on any other free mtt. ?(
      it's a bit of a shame cos i would have expected a better standard of play as all players have access to the same articals as i have, and can be frustrating when my aces get cracked by 94o because he thought i was trying to steal the blinds from utg2.
      although i have got to the money a few times and even managed 5th place the other day, so i suppose i have to take the rough with the smooth.
      any tips on how to manage donks would be appreciated.
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