Biological variety at the poker table.

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      After doing several sessions at Pokerstars, I was sure there must be many different species at the poker table. These are the ones I have seen the most. Feel free to add to the list. :)

      Vulgaris Stupidus - This species is easily identified by its behaviour to limp (with crap), and if pushed on, call an ALL IN.

      Caetus Maximus - This predatory species is ruthless on its prey. They are unpredicted, and can oftentimes be found at several tables at once.

      Piscius Americanum - A species native to the central parts of Northern America, which used to thrive across the globe, but disappeared suddenly after the events of Black Friday.

      Vocatus Maximus - This species has, during its devolution, lost the ability to use the fold and raise buttons. They can be found accross the globe, preferring to sit at a single table. Altough mainly herbivores, they have a secret weapon against other species, the "suckout"

      Temulentus Rex - This is an completely unpredictable species. They are mostly active at night, and are seldom seen in daylight. There are runours of this species being able to transform into other creatures, and can be mistakenly identified as Vulgaris Stupidus or Piscius Americanum.
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